Reflecting our community through curated experiences that awaken and inspire.

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We at The People's Building believe that there is a direct link between arts, wellness, community and a thriving society. We provide a place to explore, educate, and perform while simultaneously giving residents of the Denver metropolitan area a chance to experience and be awakened.

Through high-quality and affordable event, workshop, performance, and rehearsal space we hope to bring a sense of dignity to those in our community who have something to share. As well as provide a beautiful facility for our businesses to hold meetings, social gatherings, and even the occasional wedding.

Vision & Goals

The People’s Building seeks to become a pillar of the community, be a haven for artists in an ever growing metropolis, and offer a collage of programming that is as diverse as our community.


A curated balance of art, education, and wellness for our patrons.


Access to a high-quality venue to provide dignity for our artists.


A dedication to a revenue neutral business model.


Resident organizations to keep us grounded in our community.


“We need our arts to teach us how to breath."

-Ray Bradbury-

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The history of The People's Building's is as dynamic as Aurora itself. Once a ski shop and then a rent-to-own furniture store, it was acquired by the City of Aurora's Office of Urban Renewal and Redevelopment. They invested over two million into the building's revitalization and it is now utilized as a gallery and a flexible event space for cultural events, workshops, meetings, independent artists, musicians, dancers, and event planners.


Ready to play?

Who are you?

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